Explore the Latest & Greatest PlayStation Games, Releases & Deals Now!

Explore the Latest & Greatest PlayStation Games, Releases & Deals Now!

Today, we’re diving into the world of PlayStation, exploring the latest and greatest games, releases, and deals that are sure to enthrall gamers of all stripes. This review will give you a taste of what’s available, ensuring that you stay informed.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Citizen Sleeper: An Innovative Sci-Fi RPG Adventure

BAFTA-Nominated Brilliance

First up, we have the BAFTA-nominated RPG, Citizen Sleeper. Set on a ravaged space station called Erland’s Eye, this game transports players into a thrilling, sci-fi journey. As a digital human consciousness trapped in a decaying artificial body, you must navigate through treacherous terrain, all while evading a powerful corporation.

Choices and Consequences

Citizen Sleeper offers a unique gaming experience, where your choices and a roll of the dice determine your fate. Heavily inspired by tabletop RPGs, every cycle in the game presents an opportunity to carve a new life. Get to know local inhabitants, complete tasks, or outwit your pursuers – the choice is yours.

Disco Elysium Vibes

Fans of Disco Elysium will find plenty to love in Citizen Sleeper. With a rich, immersive world and tantalizing choices, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mark your calendars for March 31st, when Citizen Sleeper arrives on PS5 and PS4.

MLB The Show 23: The Premier Baseball Sim

New Modes and Legends

Swinging into the scene is MLB The Show 23, the ultimate baseball sim. This new installment features a mode celebrating legendary African-American baseball players, such as Jackie Robinson, and a revamped franchise mode for an authentic MLB experience.

Diamond Dynasty Returns

MLB The Show 23 also sees the return of the card-collecting Diamond Dynasty, where you can collect over 180 legends to create your dream team. Test your skills online and see which team reigns supreme. Grab your copy of MLB The Show 23 for PS5 and PS4 today!

Dredge: A Surreal Fishing Horror

Twisted Creatures and Cursed Hauls

Next up is Dredge, a surreal fishing game filled with haunting horrors. Players must navigate the treacherous seas, catching not only mundane fish but also gnarled, terrifying creatures. Upgrade your boat and discover more about the mysterious town you’re fishing for.

Painterly Style and Intrigue

With a captivating painterly art style and a central mystery, Dredge will reel you in on PS5 and PS4 starting March 30th.

The Last Worker: A Gripping Sci-Fi Narrative Adventure

The Struggle Against Capitalism

Playstation Store New Releases
New Releases

Enter the world of The Last Worker, where players control Kurt, the final human employee at mega-retailer Yungl. Choose between exposing Yungl’s secrets or sticking with your job in this gripping story about fighting back against capitalism.

Star-Studded Voice Cast

Featuring the voices of Jason Isaacs and Tommie Earl Jenkins, The Last Worker offers an engaging narrative experience. Plus, the game includes a PSVR2 mode for added immersion. Don’t miss it on PS5 and PSVR2, starting March 30th.

Sifu: Martial Arts Mastery and Free Arenas Expansion

Five New Modes

Fan-favorite martial arts game Sifu is getting a free expansion that introduces five new modes to test your skills and fists of fury. Experience time trial mode, where you race against the clock to defeat waves of enemies, or try your hand at manhunt, where you must navigate through burly protectors to reach a marked target.

Return to the Action

These new challenges and free-flowing action make the Sifu arenas expansion a compelling reason to revisit the game. Grab this free update for PS5 and PS4 starting today.

PlayStation Store Deals: Discounts You Can’t Resist

In addition to these exciting releases, you’ll find some fantastic deals on the PlayStation Store. Enjoy a whopping 60% off Gotham Knights, 67% off NBA 2K23 for PS5, 50% off The Witcher 3 for PS4 and PS5, and 67% off Red Dead Redemption 2.

Don’t forget to check out the accessibility collection, which features a variety of excellent titles with innovative and comprehensive accessibility options.

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