New PS4 & PS5 Games This Week

New PS4 & PS5 Games This Week

Hello, everybody. Welcome to the latest updates on PlayStation, dated Tuesday, the 16th of May, 2023. Kicking off this week, we have the delightfully bizarre puzzle game, Humanity. This eccentric piece is making its way to PlayStation, releasing on PS4, PS5, PSVR, and PSVR2.

In Humanity, you play as a Shiba Inu leading a torrent of humans to the light at the end of over 90 different story levels. Your challenge is to direct them past obstacles by walking, climbing, and floating across intricate maps. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Swarms of the Others, faceless humanoids, are on a mission to halt your progress, threatening humanity’s journey across the stages. The game also introduces you to strategic combat with large-scale boss fights, and a narrative threat that unravels as you progress through the game. And guess what? If you’re a PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium member, you can play free of charge through the PlayStation Plus game catalogue.

Toy Box Adventure in Tin Hearts

Moving forward, the puzzles continue with the adorable toy box adventure, Tin Hearts. This game invites you to uncover the story of the Victorian inventor, Albert J. Butterworth. As a player, it’s up to you to guide a troop of tin soldiers through colourful worlds full of strange contraptions. Imagine manoeuvring around toy blockades, jack-in-the-boxes, wooden trains, bouncing drums, and more.

The charm and nostalgia of this game are quite evident, as discovery and wonder drive your clockwork army to the edges of an overflowing imagination. However, Tin Hearts promises to be equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking too. This game is set to come to PS4 and PS5 on the 16th of May.

The Thrill of LEGO 2K Drive

Lego 2KDriver

The saga of sentient toys doesn’t end with Tin Hearts. LEGO 2K Drive is our next release, bringing the blocks and pulling out all the stops with a build-your-own driving experience. The game is set in the whimsical world of Bricklandia. LEGO 2K Drive offers you the freedom to explore an open world from the driving seat of a transforming vehicle.

Your options are limitless, from wheelie hamburgers to a chicken bus, as you burn rubber across beautiful brick environments. The game also includes story and tournament modes packed with exhilarating competition.

LEGO 2K Drive encourages you to build your own vehicles brick by brick, play with friends in split screen or online, and aims to make you the best driver Brick-a-landia has ever seen. The game is slated to be unleashed on PS4 and PS5 on the 19th of May.

Classic Platforming in Zool Redimensioned

Our final new game of the week is a retro favorite, Zool Redimensioned. This game is making a comeback on PlayStation 4, packed full of classic platforming action and a gorgeous pixel art style. As the titular Zool, your task is to traverse eight alien worlds to prove your ninja prowess and save the universe from the big baddie, Cruel.

The game also includes modes like Ultimate Ninja for a taste of the original difficulty, as well as multiplayer modes to party like it’s 1992. You can experience the legacy of Zool in all its forms when Zool Redimensioned comes to PS4 on the 16th of May.

Exciting Deals on the PlayStation Store

Remember, there are loads of bargains just waiting to be snapped up on the Deals tab. This week you can dive into big games, big deals for some heavyweight titles. The digital deluxe version of the Dead Space remake offers up sentimental sci-fi scares, Hitman World of Assassination delivers sandbox murder fun, and Sonic Frontiers provides the speediest hedgehog in all the lands.

Budget-Friendly Games and Conclusion

If you’re looking for a more pocket-friendly purchase, then the Games Under £20 section has you covered too. With titles like the breathtaking RPG Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition and the spectacular indie horror story of Signalis hitting the digital shelves. As always, do check out the Accessibility Collection for a range of excellent titles with innovative and wide-ranging accessibility options.

You can browse the full lineup of new releases and even purchase all of this content online at the PlayStation Store, with PS4 games available through backwards compatibility on PS5. Please remember, all PlayStation Store content is subject to change. Stay tuned for your weekly dose of PlayStation Store updates and keep enjoying the world of PlayStation. Thanks for reading.