iPhone 14 Pro: A Long-term User Review

iPhone 14 Pro: A Long-term User Review

The iPhone 14 Pro has been on the market for six months now, offering a host of features and improvements that have piqued the interest of Apple enthusiasts and tech-savvy users alike.

This powerful device boasts a sleek design, the A16 chip for stellar performance, and the much-talked-about Dynamic Island feature.

The purpose of this long-term review is to provide an in-depth analysis of the iPhone 14 Pro’s wear and tear, performance, battery life, and other features after six months of daily use.

By sharing my personal experiences with the device, I hope to offer insights that can help potential buyers make informed decisions and current users optimize their experience with the iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 14 Pro

Wear and Tear

Screen Condition Without a Protector

When I first got my iPhone 14 Pro, I decided to go without a screen protector to truly test the resilience of the ceramic shield. Over the past six months, I’ve gathered a few scratches on the screen, but nothing that has caused significant damage to the display. The scratches are visible in certain lighting conditions, but they aren’t too bothersome, especially since I have AppleCare on my device.

Bezel and Charging Port Condition

The bezels of the iPhone 14 Pro have held up well over time, showing minimal signs of wear. However, there are some scratches around the charging port at the bottom of the device. If you use MagSafe exclusively, you wouldn’t have to worry about these scratches caused by charging cables.

Back of the Device and Camera Bump Protection

The back of my iPhone 14 Pro has remained in perfect condition, with no damages to the camera bump or any other part of the device. I attribute this pristine condition to the use of Apple cases, which have provided excellent protection for my phone.

Apple Case Options and Experiences

Throughout the past six months, I’ve alternated between different Apple cases to keep my phone well-protected. I’ve used the clear case, leather case, and silicone case, each offering a unique look and feel for my iPhone 14 Pro. Recently, I got my hands on the spring case colors, and I must say that the sky and olive options are simply stunning. These cases have not only kept my phone in great shape but also added a touch of style to the device.


A16 Chip Capabilities

The iPhone 14 Pro is powered by the A16 chip, which has proven to be a true powerhouse, capable of handling any task thrown at it. From gaming to watching videos, the A16 chip ensures a smooth and responsive experience on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Benchmark 6 Score Comparison

To gauge the iPhone 14 Pro’s performance, I recently ran the Benchmark 6 test. The results were impressive, with the device outperforming its competitors, such as the recently released S23 Ultra. This showcases the iPhone 14 Pro’s excellent performance capabilities, making it a solid choice for those who prioritize a powerful device.

Real-Life Performance with Various Tasks

In daily use, the iPhone 14 Pro has consistently delivered top-notch performance. Be it watching YouTube videos, streaming movies, or browsing the internet, the device has never faltered. Its responsiveness and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously make it a reliable companion for both work and leisure activities.

Battery Life and Health

Daily Battery Life Experience

iPhone 14 Pro Battery Life
iPhone 14 Pro Battery Life

One aspect of the iPhone 14 Pro that has left me somewhat disappointed is its battery life. Despite the device running on iOS 16.4, I find myself needing to charge the phone by the middle of the day. At around 3:30 or 4:30 PM, the battery often drops to around 15-20%, which is less than ideal for a device of this caliber.

I had hoped that the iOS 16.4 update would bring improvements to the iPhone 14 Pro’s battery life. However, the update hasn’t delivered the desired results, with the device still struggling to last a full day without needing a charge.

Battery Health Percentage

iPhone 14 Pro battery health
iPhone 14 Pro Battery Health

On the positive side, the iPhone 14 Pro’s battery health remains at a respectable 97%. While battery health is often a concern for tech enthusiasts, it’s important to remember that a slight decrease in battery health is natural over time and that the device will still last for years to come.

Comparison to iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is often praised for its excellent battery life, making me regret not opting for the larger model. Although I appreciate the iPhone 14 Pro’s size, I would have preferred a device with longer-lasting battery life, especially given the high price point of these devices.

Dynamic Island

Initial Reactions and Usefulness

The Dynamic Island feature introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max was met with excitement, thanks to the eye-catching animations showcased during the event. This feature has proven useful in specific situations, such as navigating airports and keeping track of time-sensitive events.

For instance, I’ve used it while transitioning between gates, and it provided real-time updates on the time remaining before my connecting flight’s departure.

Dynamic Island
Dynamic Island

While Dynamic Island has its uses, it has yet to reach its full potential. Widespread adoption by third-party app developers would be the game-changer that takes this feature to the next level.

As more devices adopt Dynamic Island in their design, we can expect to see creative and innovative integrations with various apps, further enhancing the iPhone 14 Pro user experience.

Future Expectations for the Feature

Looking ahead, I’m excited to see how Dynamic Island evolves as more developers adopt and implement it within their apps. I believe this feature will continue to gain traction and become an integral part of the iPhone experience, offering users real-time information and updates tailored to their needs.

Always-On Display

User Experience and Usefulness

The iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display has been a welcome addition to the device. Personally, I find it very useful for quickly checking the time without needing to fully wake the device. It’s especially handy in situations where you need a discreet glance at the time, such as during a shower.

Potential for Screen Burn-In

A common concern with always-on displays is the potential for screen burn-in over time. However, I’m happy to report that the iPhone 14 Pro’s display has held up exceptionally well. I haven’t noticed any signs of screen burn-in, and the display continues to look as good as new. This speaks to the quality and durability of the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen, ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing experience for users.

Camera and Video

Overall Camera Performance

The iPhone 14 Pro’s camera has consistently delivered high-quality results, with the 48-megapixel sensor capturing stunning images in various settings. From casual snapshots to more artistic compositions, the device’s camera capabilities have consistently impressed.

Issues with HDR Video Brightness Levels and Oversaturation

One notable issue with the iPhone 14 Pro’s video recording is the brightness levels and oversaturation when filming in HDR mode. Some users have pointed out these issues in my Social Media videos, leading me to disable HDR recording. While this is a minor drawback, it’s worth noting for those who plan on using the device for video content creation.

Zoom Capabilities for Photos and Videos

iPhone 14 Pro Camera
iPhone 14 Pro Camera

The 2x zoom on the iPhone 14 Pro has proven to be a valuable feature for both photography and videography. It offers a convenient way to get closer to subjects and capture more detailed images or videos. Whether I’m capturing tech-related content or simply documenting my day-to-day experiences, the zoom functionality has been a useful addition to the device.

Additional Features and Observations

Speaker Performance

The iPhone 14 Pro’s speakers have held up well over time, continuing to deliver clear and crisp audio. Whether listening to music, watching videos, or engaging in hands-free phone calls, the device’s speakers have consistently performed at a high level.

Satellite Connectivity and Crash Detection

While I have yet to personally use the satellite connectivity or crash detection features on the iPhone 14 Pro, it’s worth noting that these are valuable additions to the device. They offer an extra layer of safety and connectivity for users in emergency situations, providing peace of mind knowing that help is just a tap away.

Cleaning and Maintenance

iPhone 14 Camera Bump

Keeping the iPhone 14 Pro clean and well-maintained is essential for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Dust and debris can accumulate in various parts of the device, such as the front speaker area and camera bump.

To keep these areas clean, I recommend using a computer dust cleaner or a combination of alcohol swabs and a glasses cloth. Regular cleaning will ensure your device continues to look and perform at its best.

Pricing and Upgrade Considerations

High Price Point and Potential Price Drop

The iPhone 14 Pro’s price remains quite high, particularly for customers outside the US. Given its premium price tag, it might be worth waiting for a potential price drop when the iPhone 15 series is announced. This could make the iPhone 14 Pro a more affordable option for those considering an upgrade.

Upgrade Recommendations Based on Older iPhone Models

For users with older iPhone models, such as the iPhone X, XR, or 11, upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro would offer significant improvements in performance, display quality, and camera capabilities. However, those with more recent models like the 13 Pro or even the 12 Pro might not find the 14 Pro’s new features compelling enough to justify the expense of upgrading.


The iPhone 14 Pro has proven to be a reliable and high-performing device over the past six months. Despite minor issues, such as screen scratches and HDR video brightness levels, the device’s overall performance, camera capabilities, and additional features have made it a worthwhile investment for many users.

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Be sure to stay tuned for more content, as I plan to share a full review of the Samsung S23 Ultra in the coming weeks, as well as a six-month review of the Apple Watch Ultra. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on the latest reviews and insights. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to sharing more in-depth analysis and experiences with you soon!

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