New PlayStation Games This Week

New PlayStation Games This Week

Hello everyone, I’m here to share with you the latest games that have been or going to be released on PlayStation this week. Let’s dive right in!

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Our first game this week is “The Lord of the Rings: Gollum”. This stealth action-adventure game takes place alongside the events of the Fellowship of the Ring. You’ll be guiding Gollum through pivotal places in Lord of the Rings mythology such as Mordor, The Dark Tower of Barad-dûr, and Mirkwood. Your mission? To reunite everyone’s favorite jewelry-obsessed creature with the One Ring.

In this game, you’ll have the chance to clamber and scuttle past the many dangerous forces of Tolkien’s world. You’ll also face certain moral dilemmas, deciding whether to follow the instincts of the vicious Gollum or the timid Smeagol. The decisions you make will affect your relationships, adding an extra element of jeopardy to your quest. “The Lord of the Rings: Gollum” is available on PS5 from May 25th.

Destiny 2: Season of the Deep

Next up, we have a brand new Destiny 2 season to dive into – “Season of The Deep”. In this season, your team is heading into the murky depths of the methane sea on an underwater adventure summoned by Deputy Commander Sloan.

Destiny 2

This new season introduces a new strand aspect for each class and weapon and abilities tuning that will address how your arsenal of guns and supers operate. Plus, there’s a new feature – fishing! PlayStation-inspired cosmetics, including Horizon, God of War, and Ghost of Tsushima Guardian skins, as well as The Last of Us cordyceps decal for your ghost and ship, are also coming to the game. “Destiny 2: Season of the Deep” starts on May 23rd and runs through to August 22nd on both PS5 and PS4.

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust

We are teleporting back to the world of Athia in the “Forespoken: In Tanta We Trust” DLC. This set of prequel story missions gives you an insight into the war that first caused the Tantas to descend into chaos and pull Frey into its orbit.

Working alongside Tanta Centra, Frey will uncover more about the vibrant, cat-filled world of Athia as well as herself. On top of that, you’ll also get a set of new powers to play with, including Skewer, Shock, and Allied Strike, letting Frey really cut loose against the many enemies that stand in her way. “Forespoken: In Tanta We Trust” is available on PS5 from May 26th.

Star Trek Resurgence

Next, we have “Star Trek Resurgence”, a new narrative adventure from the team at Dramatic Labs, home to various Telltale Games veterans. This Star Trek adventure puts you on board the USS Resolute, where you’ll play your part in trekking across the galaxy and upholding the peace between different alien factions.

Some of the activities you’ll get to take part in include piloting shuttles through space, tricorder scanning, and getting into the occasional phaser fight. The real meat of the game, though, is in the conversations you have with your crew, where you’ll be able to make choices that affect where your adventure goes next. “Star Trek Resurgence” is available on PS5 and PS4 from May 23rd.

After Us

We’re heading back down to Terra Firma now in “After Us”, a platformer that’s all about bringing life back to adesolate planet. In this game, you play as Gaia, who’s on a quest to find and release the souls of the last animals hunted down in a previous age.

As you journey through this arresting landscape, you’ll be literally bringing life back to it, conjuring up grass, flowers, and vines as you undo the destructive work of the Devourers that are also trying to hunt down Gaia. Along the way, there’ll be puzzles to solve and environmental threats to traverse in your hopeful quest. Fans of PS3 Indie smash Flower will definitely get a buzz from helping to nurture nature back from the brink. “After Us” is available on PS5 from May 23rd.

Warhammer 40K: Boltgun

Finally, we’ve got a shooter that is so 90s you’ll think it’s the era of the PS1 again – “Warhammer 40K: Boltgun”. This game is a roaring blast through the heretics of the galaxy, letting you unleash the full force of a Space Marine across several blisteringly fast levels.

Borrowing the pixelated art style of early Doom and Quake and the slick speed of modern shooters, Boltgun is a cackling bloodbath that puts the emphasis on shooting anything and everything that gets in your way. Then shooting them a bit more to make sure the job is done. Fast, frantic, and full of buckets of blood, this is a must for anyone who has been hankering for a new boomer shooter. “Warhammer 40K: Boltgun” is available on PS5 and PS4 from May 23rd.

Wrapping Up

Of course, don’t forget to check out the PlayStation Store’s deal page too for a whole host of bargains always waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re after a towering blockbuster or an indie sensation, there’s something to satisfy every gamer.

As always, do check out the accessibility collection for a range of excellent titles with innovative and wide-ranging accessibility options too. You can browse the full lineup of new releases and even purchase all of this content online at store.playstation.com, with PS4 games available through backwards compatibility on PS5.

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!