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Playstation Portable Console: What We Know So Far

Playstation Portable Console: What We Know So Far

Almost a year ago, the gaming community was buzzing with speculation and “what-if” scenarios surrounding the idea of Sony potentially bringing back the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Concepts were developed to explore multiple ways in which Sony could revive the PSP, such as releasing a Nintendo Switch/Steam Deck competitor or a cloud gaming variant of the PSP. However, at the time, these were merely ideas without any concrete information to back them up.

Fast forward to now, and it turns out that Sony is indeed working on a portable console, according to multiple reliable sources such as Insider Gaming, Goldman Sachs, and Sony’s own job listings. This new console is expected to be released within the year, and anticipation is building among gaming enthusiasts.

In this article, we will dive into the details of this new portable PlayStation console based on the information available so far. We will cover the expected release date, design elements, unique features, and potential pricing for the console.

Release Date

Back in 2017, Goldman Sachs released a report that predicted the launch of the PS5 for 2020, which turned out to be accurate. Interestingly, the same report also predicted the launch of a PS5 portable console in 2023, which now appears to be coming true. The report even mentioned the expected launch of the PS6 in 2027, further adding credibility to their predictions.

Industry insider Jeff Grubb has also reported that Sony is about to start the second phase of the PS5’s lifecycle, which will include the long-rumored PS5 Slim with a detachable disk drive, a pair of wireless earphones for the PS5, and the Sony handheld codenamed Q-Lite.

Insider Gaming also corroborates this information, stating that the handheld console would launch before the PS5 Pro and after the PS5 Slim, with the latter rumored for September 2023 and the PS5 Pro set to launch in 2024.

Taking all these reports into account, the most likely release window for this new PlayStation Portable is either November or December 2023. This release date has been further supported by Tom Henderson, who also suggests that the console could launch as early as November.

This means that gamers may only have to wait a few more months before getting their hands on Sony’s latest portable console.


PlayStation Portable PSP

According to Insider Gaming, early prototypes of the new PlayStation Portable showed a console that looked a lot like a PlayStation 5 controller. This design featured a massive 8-inch LCD touchscreen in the center, which would make it stand out among other portable consoles on the market.

If the new PSP does indeed resemble a PS5 controller, it would likely need to have a thicker design to ensure comfort during extended play sessions. In this regard, it might be similar to the Steam Deck, which features prominent hand grips for improved ergonomics. By adopting a design similar to the Steam Deck, the new PSP could offer a more comfortable gaming experience for users.

Playstation Portable Console: Notable feature

One of the standout features of the upcoming PSP is its rumored 8-inch display. This larger screen size would set it apart from competitors such as the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, which all feature 7-inch displays. By offering a larger display, the new PSP could provide an enhanced gaming experience, making it a more attractive option for gamers seeking a portable console.


Adaptive triggers with haptic feedback

The new PSP is rumored to feature adaptive triggers with haptic feedback, similar to those found on the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller. These advanced triggers can provide varying levels of resistance and tactile feedback, allowing for a more immersive gaming experience. By incorporating this feature, the new PSP would be able to deliver a console-quality experience in a portable form factor.

Streaming-only console

1. Constant internet connection requirement

Insider reports suggest that the new PSP could be a streaming-only console, which would require a constant internet connection to function. This potential feature has already stirred up some controversy, as it would limit the device’s usability in areas with poor or no internet connectivity.

2. Limitations on game streaming options

Another concern with a streaming-only PSP is the limited game streaming options currently available. While PlayStation Now has a decent library of games, it is not as extensive as the libraries of its competitors, such as Xbox Game Pass. This could be a drawback for gamers who prioritize a diverse gaming library when choosing a portable console.

Display resolution

The new PSP is expected to support a display resolution of 1080p at 60 frames per second. This is a significant upgrade from the previous PSP models, which featured lower resolution displays. With this improved display, gamers will be able to enjoy crisp and smooth gameplay on the go.

Comparison with PlayStation Remote and Backbone 1

It is worth noting that the PSP’s streaming capabilities would put it in direct competition with existing solutions like PlayStation Remote and the Backbone 1 controller for iPhones. These devices already offer portable gaming experiences by streaming console games to smartphones. However, the PSP’s dedicated hardware and larger screen could provide a more enjoyable gaming experience for users who prioritize portable gaming.

For the new PSP to succeed as a streaming-only console, it will need to have robust support for PlayStation Now and offer reliable cellular connectivity. This would allow users to access a wide range of games and play them anywhere with a stable internet connection. By ensuring seamless integration with PlayStation Now and strong cellular connectivity options, the new PSP could become a highly desirable portable gaming option.


Possible price range

The new PSP could be priced within a range of $200 to $250. This price point would make it competitive in the portable gaming market, while also being accessible to a wide range of consumers.

In comparison to its competitors, such as the Logitech G Cloud and Backbone 1, the new PSP’s price range appears to be reasonable. The Logitech G Cloud, for instance, costs around $200, while the Backbone 1 controller retails for $100.

However, both of these devices require a compatible smartphone to function, and the cost of a high-end smartphone is not factored into their price. With the PSP offering a dedicated portable gaming experience with its own display, the price range of $200 to $250 would be competitive in the market.

Several factors could influence the final price of the new PSP. These factors include the cost of components, such as the display and controller features, as well as the cost of manufacturing and marketing the device.

Additionally, the inclusion of cellular connectivity could also impact the price, as this feature may require additional hardware and partnerships with cellular providers. Ultimately, the final price of the PSP will be determined by a combination of these factors and Sony’s overall pricing strategy for the portable gaming market.