Nothing Ear (2) Review: Sleek Design Meets Impressive Sound Quality

Nothing Ear (2) Review: Sleek Design Meets Impressive Sound Quality

Nothing Ear (2) wireless earbuds have finally been launched, offering a ton of upgrades and new features while maintaining a budget-friendly price tag of £129 ($149). In this review, we’ll take a closer look at these impressive earbuds, covering everything from design and comfort to battery life and sound quality.


Packaging and Contents

The Nothing Ear 2 comes in a minimalistic monochrome box that includes the following items:

  • Ear 2 wireless earbuds in a transparent case
  • USB Type-C to Type-C cable
  • Spare silicon tips (small and large)
  • User guide with a QR code for downloading the Nothing app

The packaging reflects the brand’s signature style, offering a simple yet elegant presentation.

Earbuds and Case Design

Nothing Ear 2
Nothing Ear 2

The Ear 2 earbuds sport a distinctive and sleek transparent design, making them stand out from the competition. They come in a slightly larger case than most true wireless earbuds, but the case is still compact enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.

The case features a fidget spinner-like design, perfect for those who need to keep their hands busy. However, it’s worth noting that the case might show scratches over time, so it may not look as fresh after a few months of use.

The earbuds are color-coded (white for the left and red for the right), which makes it easy to identify them. They also have a secure fit, ensuring they won’t fall out even during intense activities.

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Performance and Features

Bluetooth and App Integration

Nothing X App
Nothing X App

Nothing Ear 2 earbuds use Bluetooth 5.3 for seamless connection with your smartphone. They pair effortlessly with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Nothing phone. The upgraded antenna ensures a stable connection without any audio glitches.

To get the most out of your Ear 2 earbuds, you’ll want to download the Nothing X app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The app allows you to:

  • Check battery life
  • Access equalizer settings
  • Customize touch controls
  • Switch between noise cancellation and transparency modes

Sound Quality and Personalization

The Ear 2 earbuds feature a dual-chamber design with custom 11.6mm drivers, offering impressive sound quality. They also support LHDC 5.0, enabling 24-bit 192kHz streaming for high-resolution audio on compatible devices and music services like Deezer or Tidal.

The personalized sound tuning feature in the Nothing X app uses a hearing test powered by Mimi to adapt the audio to your unique hearing profile. This results in a well-balanced, immersive listening experience.

Noise Cancellation and Transparency Modes

The Nothing Ear 2 earbuds come with effective noise cancellation capabilities, comparable to similarly priced earbuds from Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi. The ANC feature can be customized using the Nothing X app, allowing you to switch between adaptive or manual settings.

Transparency mode allows you to hear your surroundings when needed, such as during conversations or when navigating busy streets.

Battery Life and Charging

Unfortunately, the Nothing Ear 2 earbuds fall a bit short in the battery life department. With ANC turned off, you can expect around six hours of playback. However, with ANC enabled, battery life drops to around four hours.

On the bright side, the case provides four to five full recharges, giving you some extra juice on the go. The case itself can be charged via a USB Type-C cable or wirelessly, which is a nice touch for a budget-friendly device.

Technical Specifications:

SoundDriver: 11.6 mm dynamic, Bluetooth codec: AAC, SBC, LHDC
Noise cancellationMaximum ANC: Up to 40 dB
BatteryBattery capacity: 33 mAh (buds) / 485 mAh (case), Playback time with ANC off: Up to 6.3 hours (buds) / Up to 36 hours (case), Playback time with ANC on: Up to 4 hours (buds) / Up to 22.5 hours (case)
Water and dust resistanceIP54 (buds) / IP55 (case)
ConnectivityBluetooth version: BT 5.3, Compatibility: Android 5.1 and above, iOS 11 and above
Press controlsSingle press: Play/pause, answer/hang up calls, Double press: Skip forward, reject calls, Triple press: Skip back, Press and hold: Switch between ANC and Transparency Mode (left & right earbuds)

Additional Technical Specifications:

SoundDiaphragm: Graphene + PU (Polyurethane), Tuning: Nothing, Personalised ANC: Yes, Environment Adaptive ANC: Yes, Transparency Mode: Yes, Frequency range: Up to 5000 Hz
BatteryFast charging with ANC off: 10 mins for 8 hours, Wired charging: USB Type-C, Wireless charging: Qi Certified up to 2.5W
FeaturesIn-ear detection, Google Fast Pair, Microsoft Swift Pair, Dual Connection, Clear Voice Technology with 3 mics per bud, LED charging status, Low Lag Mode
Nothing X appCustomise EQ and gestures, Find My Earbuds, Software updates, Dual Connection, Personalised ANC, Environment Adaptive ANC, Personal Sound Profile, Ear Tip Fit Test
SustainabilityLifecycle carbon footprint: 3.1kg CO2e, Plastic wrap-free packaging, Manufacturing process adopts renewable energy, Circuit board produced with 100% recycled materials


The Nothing Ear 2 wireless earbuds offer a sleek design, impressive sound quality, and user-friendly features, making them a fantastic option in the mid-range market. They stand out with their transparent design and excellent app integration, allowing for a personalized listening experience.


  • Unique transparent design
  • Impressive sound quality with personalized tuning
  • Effective noise cancellation and transparency modes
  • Customizable touch controls


  • Battery life could be better, especially with ANC enabled
  • The case might show scratches over time

The Nothing Ear 2 earbuds are perfect for those who want a stylish, feature-rich, and budget-friendly audio solution. While the battery life might not be as long-lasting as some competitors, the overall performance and design make them a worthy contender in the true wireless earbuds market.

If you’re on the hunt for new earbuds that offer great sound quality, noise cancellation, and a unique design without breaking the bank, the Nothing Ear 2 is definitely worth considering. With a price tag of £129 ($149) (Amazon Link), they provide an exceptional audio experience that’s accessible to everyone.

To sum it up, the Nothing Ear 2 wireless earbuds are a fantastic choice for those seeking a well-rounded audio solution at an affordable price. With their sleek design, personalized sound tuning, and effective noise cancellation, these earbuds are sure to impress both casual listeners and audiophiles alike.