Is the 2023 Nissan Qashqai E-Power the Ideal Family Crossover You’ve Been Searching For?

Is the 2023 Nissan Qashqai E-Power the Ideal Family Crossover You’ve Been Searching For?

The all-new 2023 Nissan Qashqai E-Power is making waves in the family crossover market. Combining a unique hybrid drivetrain with a stylish design and a suite of modern features, the Qashqai E-Power has a lot to offer. But is it worth the price tag? Let’s dive into a detailed review of this innovative vehicle.

Design and Styling


The Nissan Qashqai E-Power boasts a sleek and modern design that is sure to turn heads. The front end features a distinctive light treatment, giving it a sharp and nifty appearance. With a compact size that’s perfect for families, the Qashqai E-Power strikes a balance between practicality and style.


Interior of the Qashqai E Power

The interior of the Qashqai E-Power is both comfortable and functional. While the overall ambiance may not match the luxury of a BMW X1 or Audi Q3, it offers a reasonably plush feel with plenty of soft touch faux leather on the dash and doors. The seats are comfortable and electrically adjustable in the Tecna trim, although they lack significant lateral support for spirited driving.

One standout feature is the wide-opening rear doors, which make loading baby seats, children, pets, and assisting elderly relatives much more manageable. The raised center seat and floor hump in the rear may make the middle seat less comfortable for some passengers, but overall, the cabin provides a pleasant experience.

Performance and Drive

Hybrid Powertrain

The Qashqai E-Power is the first full hybrid model in the lineup, featuring a 1.5-liter, three-cylinder engine with 160 horsepower that acts as a generator for the 190-horsepower electric motor driving the front wheels. This innovative system provides the benefits of an electric vehicle without the drawbacks of limited range and slow charging times.

With a 0-60 time of 7.9 seconds, the E-Power is the fastest Qashqai model, offering smooth and seamless acceleration akin to an electric vehicle. The steering and handling, however, are not as engaging as some competitors, with noticeable body roll and a lack of lateral seat support in spirited cornering.

Fuel Economy

Despite the electric motor, the Qashqai E-Power still requires petrol, with an official fuel economy figure of 53.3 miles per gallon. In real-world driving, you may see closer to 40 miles per gallon, depending on your driving habits.

Features and Technology

Nissan Qashqai E Power Interior

The Qashqai E-Power comes loaded with modern features and technology, such as LED headlights with automatic high beam, wireless phone charging, wireless Apple CarPlay, wired Android Auto, heated front screen, heated electric seats, heated steering wheel, and Amazon Alexa integration.

The infotainment system is a significant improvement over previous Qashqai models, with sharper graphics, reduced lag, and a user experience reminiscent of BMW’s iDrive system. Physical controls for volume, climate, and steering wheel buttons are a welcome addition, providing a user-friendly experience.

Practicality and Value

Pricing and Trims

With a starting price of £26,000, the Qashqai E-Power is on par with an entry-level Volkswagen Golf. However, the top-spec Tecna Plus trim can reach up to £41,000, entering BMW X1 territory. The N-Connecta trim offers a more affordable option without sacrificing too many features.

Boot Space

The Qashqai E-Power’s boot space is not class-leading, with a capacity of 505 liters. Rivals such as the Skoda Caroq and Kia Sportage offer larger boots. However, the E-Power’s boot space is not compromised by the hybrid system, as the batteries are small and compact.

Verdict and Recommendations

2023 Nissan Qashqai E Power

The 2023 Nissan Qashqai E-Power is an attractive option for those seeking a smooth, comfortable, and well-equipped family crossover with an innovative hybrid powertrain. Its stylish design, feature-rich interior, and unique driving experience make it a strong contender in the market.

However, it does come with a few drawbacks, such as its relatively high price, especially in the higher trims, and boot space that falls short of some competitors. Additionally, its steering and handling may not appeal to those looking for a more engaging driving experience.

We recommend considering the lower-spec N-Connecta trim, which offers most of the desirable features at a more affordable price point. Suppose you prioritize sporty driving dynamics or top-notch interior quality. In that case, you may want to explore options from BMW, Audi, or Volvo.

The 2023 Nissan Qashqai E-Power is a solid choice for those searching for a comfortable, stylish, and technologically advanced family crossover with a unique hybrid powertrain. While it may not be perfect, it offers a compelling blend of features and performance that should satisfy most buyers.

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