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The Future of Transportation: A Look at Elon Musk’s Boring Company’s Tunnel System in Las Vegas

The Future of Transportation: A Look at Elon Musk’s Boring Company’s Tunnel System in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Convention Centre has been a hub of activity, attracting visitors from all over the world. But with its massive size, it could take half an hour to walk across it. A new transportation system has been introduced to make getting around the convention centre much easier. The Boring Company, founded by Elon Musk, has created a tunnel system with Tesla vehicles to transport people around the convention centre. This new transportation system has been highly anticipated, with many excited to see if it will revolutionize the way we travel.

The Boring Company’s station looks like a cross between a taxi rank and a subway, with the most notable difference being the absence of fumes, a result of the electric vehicles used in the tunnel. The initial concept of The Boring Company was ambitious, with Elon Musk envisioning a huge network of tunnels where Tesla vehicles would travel at more than 100 miles per hour using autonomous features. However, the current system in Las Vegas is a far cry from what Musk originally envisioned.

The vehicles in the tunnel are not being driven by robots, but by real people, and they are not reaching speeds of 100 miles an hour, but instead travel around 30 miles per hour. Despite this, the system received positive feedback from attendees at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), with many people impressed by the unique and fun experience.

However, not everyone was convinced that the tunnel system is a good idea. Many raised questions about the efficiency of the system, given that the vehicles are being driven by expensive human drivers, rather than robots. This has led to some asking why we wouldn’t just use a train, instead.

In response, The Boring Company stated that they wanted to create a transportation system that would not only be efficient, but would also put a smile on the faces of the passengers, with the lights in the tunnel and the energy of the music creating a love for Tesla vehicles.

The Boring Company has announced plans to expand the tunnel network to 65 miles, covering central Las Vegas, from downtown to the Las Vegas strip, and as far south as the Legion Stadium. However, other projects the company has announced in Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Washington have disappeared from the company’s website, raising questions about the future of the tunnel system.

During CES, The Boring Company claimed that nearly 100,000 people used the tunnel system, and there is hope that the vehicles will soon be autonomous. However, the real test for the tunnel system will come in the years to come, as it will be interesting to see if it can go from being a gimmicky convention centre ride to a genuine game-changer in transportation.

The Boring Company has delivered on their promise to the Las Vegas Convention Centre, working collaboratively to create a unique and efficient transportation system. The final piece of the puzzle is the vehicles becoming autonomous, which is the future of transportation.

However, the tunnel system’s success will be determined by its ability to expand and become a practical solution for transportation, rather than just a novelty.


The Boring Company’s tunnel system in Las Vegas has received positive feedback, with many impressed by the unique and fun experience. However, there are still questions about the efficiency of the system, given the use of expensive human drivers, and the future of the tunnel system remains to be seen. Many will be watching to see if it is just another hype from Elon Musk or if it will revolutionise transportation as we know it.