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Why You Should Drink Carbonated Water

Why You Should Drink Carbonated Water

I’ve been very curious about why I feel so much better when I drink carbonated water versus regular water, and I didn’t know the answer until very recently. So I’m going to share this with you, as well as some other fascinating things related to CO2, carbon dioxide.

Carbonated water explained

So whether you’re drinking soda water, club water, seltzer water, La Croix, or any type of carbonated water, this relates to CO2. The way they carbonate it is by adding this gas CO2 into the water, which does make it slightly acidic because it turns into carbonic acid.

Unless it’s stored a little bit differently as these bicarbonates in water. But regardless of that, when I drink carbonated water, I just feel more hydrated, my digestion’s better, and I just feel better. I feel more relaxed when I drink carbonated water.

Understanding carbon dioxide

So if you happen to see some other videos related to carbon dioxide, I mentioned this one effect called the Bohr effect. That is a condition that relates to CO2. In other words, for oxygen to be absorbed into your cells, into the tissues, it takes CO2, which is very counterintuitive.

You would think, logically, if you got more air, less CO2, you would have more oxygen, but that’s not true. It takes that CO2 to slightly adjust the pH and drop it a little bit and make it slightly more acidic to allow the oxygen to be released.

This is why if you hyperventilate in a panic attack, you’re getting too much O2 and not enough CO2, and you can’t breathe, right. And then you start breathing in a paper bag and you get more CO2 and now you can breathe.

Water bubbles

In fact, you can actually create a hypoxic state that is a state of lowered oxygen by depriving the tissues of CO2, which is very interesting because normally you would think hypoxia, low oxygen, means too much CO2, which can occur.

But you can also create that same situation with not enough CO2, so CO2 is really essential in the homeostasis of oxygen absorption.

In Europe, they actually have these sauna baths that are carbonated. They call them carbonated spas or baths where they pump the CO2 into this water, and apparently, it’s great for all sorts of circulatory problems like problems with your vascular system, especially something called peripheral vascular disorders.

They even use it for diabetic wounds and to decrease the rate of getting an amputation where they cut off the feet. I mean it can actually improve that by increasing microvascular circulation. Basically, CO2 increases blood flow.

It’s even used as therapy after someone gets a stroke and they have this hypoxic low oxygen state because the CO2 helps that oxygen go deep into the cells.

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Benefits of CO2

Now, I could not find any research on drinking carbonated water and that relating to improved health, but I have found parallel research on all the things I’m talking about. One study found there was a significant increase in the parasympathetic nervous system activation by increasing CO2.

That’s the system that counters the flight or fight mode. It’s the system that helps your healing, digestion, and your ability to sleep. The device they use to measure the parasympathetic is what I used in my practice, which is technology called heart rate variability.

Let’s take a look at some other things that I found related to this. If you take a normal cell and a cancer cell and we look at the pH of each one, the cancer cell actually is more alkaline.

Now the outside of the cell is more acidic because of all the byproducts from lactic acid and things like that, but the inside of the cell is more alkaline than a normal cell, which is very interesting, especially as it relates to CO2. In fact, CO2 plays a significant role in maintaining the pH balance within our bodies.

Glass of carbonated water with lemon

I wanted to figure out if there is any relationship or any significant improvement in shrinking tumors or stopping the spread of cancer by increasing CO2. And I found research which shows that CO2 is a significant potent anti-tumor gas.

It has the ability to inhibit metastasis, as well as inducing apoptosis, which causes the cancer cells to commit suicide. It also inhibits a gene called HIF-alpha, which is involved in hypoxia, and the switching mechanism between a normal cell and a cancerous one.

Learn More About the Water You Drink!

CO2 is also a potent anti-inflammatory. So, I just wanted to increase your awareness of the CO2, this carbon dioxide thing, as well as carbonated water. And this could be the reason, which I think it is, of why you may feel better if you consume more carbonated water.

What I have is a little carbonated machine that makes my water carbonated. So I take my spring water and I carbonate it, and that’s what I drink. But since we’re on the topic of water, there’s definitely more information to be known about water.

For instance, CO2 is present in natural hot springs, which are known for their relaxation and healing properties. At first, we might think there’s a lot of minerals involved that are helping us, but guess what – there’s a significant amount of CO2 in hot springs, which could be the reason why you feel better and more relaxed.

Moreover, CO2 is being used in various creams for hydration and better circulation and blood flow, which is another interesting piece of this puzzle. The increase in blood flow and circulation can help in wound healing and decrease the rate of complications like amputations, especially in people with diabetes.

And if you’ve ever wondered why you can breathe better after a thunderstorm, it’s because there’s a lot more CO2 in the air. Breathing through your nose, rather than your mouth, when you’re sleeping or exercising can also help increase the amount of oxygen your tissues receive.

In conclusion, understanding the role and benefits of CO2 and carbonated water can help you make more informed decisions about the water you drink. Drinking carbonated water might make you feel more hydrated, improve digestion, and provide other health benefits due to its CO2 content.